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Must read books for every teacher

As life-long learners, teachers are continuously learning to improve their teaching practice and expand their knowledge base. Thankfully, the Internet has levelled the ground and provided unrestricted access to a plethora of resources and materials to help you grow professionally . This page features some examples of web tools to use for your professional development. Additionally, we have curated this list of popular books recommended by teachers for teachers. Most of these books have been best sellers in the education section in Amazon.Whether you are a beginner teacher or a veteran, you will definitely find something interesting to enlighten your teaching and make you a better teacher.


Reading in the Station

Literary ways to explore London

Here is a top 10 literary itinerary for visiting London and a handy reading list to go with it, all taken from the Curiocity, a new A to Z exploring the city’s stories with practical ideas and itineraries.

Reading in the Station

6 Vintage books to read before the film


Amazing TV series you can watch in a week

From time to time, every one of us wants to come home from work and treat ourselves to a good TV series. However, it’s often the case that you have neither the strength nor the time for that. For those of you who feel like this but still want to delve into the unknown with charismatic characters, solve mysteries with genius detectives, or take a look into the past, we have compiled a list of mini-series you can watch in just seven days.

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European Christmas Cakes

Wherever you are in Europe, there’s a traditional yuletide dessert to enjoy. But this year, you might want to make something a bit more original! So why not take a closer look at the following list of European Christmas cakes? You could end up whipping up a delicious bûche de Noël, opt for a spectacular Norwegian Kransekake, taste the unique Lithuanian Šakotis or enjoy the yummy Croatian Fritule. No matter what you eventually decide on, the most important thing is to enjoy a splendid dinner with your loved ones. So let me take this opportunity, to wish you, one and all, a very merry Christmas!