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A Complete Ranking of Insults to Mr. Grinch


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday stable in my family, in all of its glorious forms. I adore Dr. Seuss, so the the book is an absolute must, while the classic cartoon version brings the spirit of that book to life with child-like whimsy. And though I’m not generally a Jim Carey fan, the way the more modern adaptation brings the Whos to life is fun, and if I find a channel running it in December, it’s impossible to flip away.

And, of course, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch is a prominent feature on my holiday playlist, in numerous varied renditions, it’s a classic. Dr. Seuss may not have written the song himself (that would be Albert Hague) but it definitely captures the Seuss’s signature wacky twist to language that I adore. Of course, this song is the Grinchiest of all Christmas songs. It is full of insults. It’s awful. With this kind of language flying around, it is no wonder this Grinch was so vey Grinch-y. But they are …. awfully creative.

Here is a listing of every insult in the song, ranked by creativity, from least to greatest. Continue reading “A Complete Ranking of Insults to Mr. Grinch”

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Top Facebook Pages for English Language Teachers

Facebook can be an excellent resource for teachers of the English language! Did you know there are Facebook pages solely dedicated to English teachers? In this article, we list and review some of our favorite Facebook pages for English Teachers. To view and “like” these pages, click on the links provided. One tip before we start: Don’t just “like” these pages! Become an avid user and interact with others. Share posts, leave comments, and reply to comments left by others. Most of all, have fun! Facebook is a great way to meet and interact with an entirely new community of teachers from all over the world! 


1. Teaching English – British Council

Teaching English – British Council is just one of the fabulous pages offered by the British Council to accompany their website Teaching English.  Teaching English – British Council regularly posts about resources and classroom skills, ELT events, and the British culture. This is a fantastic resource for all English teachers, especially those who teach British English.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool for any educator! This page accompanies, a tool used for proofreading writing and checking for plagiarism. “Like” this page for fun grammar tips and lively discussions!

3. Teaching Resources

The Teaching Resources Facebook page was created by retired teacher, Laura Candler, to share advice and ready-to-use classroom resources. It accompanies her fantastic website and blog. Laura’s resources are useful for all types of teachers!  Make sure you “like” Laura’s page for teaching tips, advice from other teachers, and amazing free resources from Laura’s ever-growing collection! Topics include Literature Circles, Learning Centers, Classroom Management, and academic subject areas such as math, literacy, science, and social studies.

4. Real English

Michale Marzio, a Real English team leader, moderates the Real EnglishFacebook page. This fabulous page is for students and teachers of the English language. It accompanies the resourceful website of the same name. Fans of Real English will enjoy the variety of resources provided on this page! There, you will find tips, exercises, advice, lessons, and information for English teachers and students!

5. Rachel’s English

If you need pronunciation videos for American English, Rachel’s English is your one-stop shop! Rachel is an experienced ESL teacher who creates and shares excellent how-to videos covering various topics in American English pronunciation. She has posted tons of free videos for her fans! These videos are super helpful and easy to understand! You can easily share the videos in your classroom or watch them yourself to better understand how to help your students improve their accent and pronunciation.

Continue reading “Top Facebook Pages for English Language Teachers”