A Cup of Teach
A pleasant and happy way to spend some quality time with us and other teachers, sipping delicious tea and talking about teaching methods. Spread the word, invite your colleagues, the more the merrier!!!!! Don’t forget to bring your favourite mug! We’ll do the rest!


Puntolingue Cineclub is our own film club to give people the space to watch, discuss and review films in the communal environment of our club. Enjoy the wonder of the big screen at the cinema and the pleasure of listening to them in their original language. Obviously you can also bring friends! 😉 Pop corn and drinks on the house!


Happy Hour
Then there is no need to wait until the weekend comes to enjoy a few drinks after a hard working day. Plus, who doesn’t love drink and food specials? Come to Puntolingue Teachers’Club Happy Hour! We’ll chat, sing, drink, in other words we’ll have fun!:D


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