Trinity National Seminar 2018


The event is of particular importance for Trinity College London, a certification body offering a portfolio of exams suitable for all ages and abilities. The preparation for the Trinity exams promotes stimulating learning paths that encourage horizontal and vertical continuity, take into account the “mixed abilities” present in each class and highlight the results achieved by all students while enhancing the excellence.

To keep motivation high and to allow the acquisition of autonomy and communication skills in English language, necessary to promote global citizenship it is important to guarantee students continuous learning paths. In this seminar, the Trinity support team invites all participants to collaborate positively on issues of continuity and communication skills through active participation and a methodology inspired by a fun and productive work environment. In addition to the resources that will be made available during the workshop, the team invites participants to exchange and share their materials used in exam preparation. Continue reading “Trinity National Seminar 2018”


Il nuovo portale Loescher per la formazione degli insegnanti

loescher formazione puntolingue teachers club

Loescher Editore è una storica casa editrice italiana, con sede nel cuore di Torino, che da oltre 150 anni pubblica libri di testo per la scuola secondaria di primo e secondo grado. Negli anni più recenti, Loescher ha ampliato il suo catalogo con testi per lo studio dell’italiano per stranieri e per la formazione degli adulti. Per rispondere alle richieste di formazione dei docenti, Loescher ha investito nella formazione via webinar (seminario tramite web), avvalendosi della tecnologia Adobe Connect, la più avanzata nel settore della formazione a distanza.

Grazie alla qualità dei formatori Loescher, il webinar consente di partecipare a eventi formativi, pubblicati sulla piattaforma ministeriale S.O.F.I.A., che entrano nel vivo dell’attività didattica, pur poggiando su una solida base teorica. Continue reading “Il nuovo portale Loescher per la formazione degli insegnanti”

Let's get Digital, Training

MENTEP Promoting Technology Enhanced Teaching

Mentep is an experimental “tool” that allows teachers to self-assess their digital skills online and thus choose the most appropriate training courses to fill any gaps or weaknesses.

Mentep  (Mentoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy) is the European project coordinated by European Schoolnet for the development and testing of TET-SAT, the online tool for the self-assessment of digital skills and the use of teacher technologies. The tool was created with the aim of triggering self-reflection on the subject in the teachers, to better identify the training needs and thus to launch initiatives to support their professional development.

TET-SAT evaluates digital-pedagogical skills taking into account 4 dimensions:

  • digital pedagogy (development and design of teaching strategies supported by ICT, personalization of learning activities);
  • production and use of contents;
  • communication and collaboration (creation of collaborative activities at a distance);
  • digital citizenship.

After successfully completing the experimentation involving 13 European countries (including Italy, with the involvement of over 700 Italian teachers), EUN has decided to extend the possibility of testing this tool to new users.

A free online course started to give participants the opportunity to have a preview of the online tool, to be guided in its use and to deepen together with the experts all aspects of the research project sharing, in particular, an analysis of the collected data. The MOOC is divided into 3 modules (one module per week) for about 3/4 hours, for a total duration of about 4 weeks.

The course is aimed at policymakers, managers and teachers interested in learning about the tool, to evaluate a possible application within their institution.

Participants in the training receive recognition for attendance.

Promoting Technology Enhanced Teaching




From Better Speaking To Better Listening


Educo presents a free training workshop for teachers of English language in public, private and private schools of all levels. Participation is limited and registration is mandatory.

The workshop will reveal the secret of successful English language pronunciation learning and teaching! The good news is that this is not technical or complicated. Mr Parker will quickly establish with you the typical components of an English language pronunciation syllabus and then discuss with you the order in which we might want to teach these elements and the relative priorities that they deserve. He will then go on to clarify the important connection in English between grammar and pronunciation with a particular focus on the grammatically determined role of stress in normal speech. This will lead to a consideration of some of the differences between a stress-timed language like English and a syllable-timed language like Italian. He’ll go on to discuss and if possible demonstrate some teaching techniques and awareness-raising procedures which can usefully be integrated into everyday lessons. In summary, he will be describing a simple but neglected aspect of the pronunciation of English which will have long-term benefits for learners and future users of English both in terms of their pronunciation but also – as an important bonus – improving their listening confidence.

February 21st – IC “Mattarella” Viale Piersanti Mattarella, 145 Modena
February  22nd – Istituto Comprensivo “San Biagio” Via Celso Cicognani, 8 RAVENNA
February 23rd – Scuola Primaria “Anna Frank” Via Alessandro e Luigino Tandura, 3 TREVISO
February  24th – Bergamo

To participate please send the completed entry form you find on Educo website to

14:30 – 15:00 Registration
15:00 – 17:00 Workshop
17:00 – 17:15 Coffee Break
17:15 – 18:30 Workshop and conclusions

Ray has been involved in English Language Teaching since graduating in Hispanic Studies in the late 60’s. The bulk of his time is now devoted to teacher education and training teacher trainers. He has taught, trained and examined teachers in 34 countries and coauthored a well-known teachers’ textbook on the phonology and pronunciation of English and a course book published in Italy. In his career, he has been a teacher, Director of Studies, College Principal, Senior Lecturer, Director of Language Examinations, Inspector of English Language Schools and consultant. His focus now lies with teacher training and ELT project management with a particular interest in in-service professional development for non-native English speaking teachers and in the development of confidence about English Language systems in native speaker teachers. Recent years have seen him helping to manage and deliver major teacher training initiatives in Africa and Asia.