Happy Hour

European Day of Languages Party

We want to celebrate the European day of Languages throwing a big party with food, music and dance from all over Europe. Please, let us know what you think. If you wish to join the party send an email to puntolingueteachersclub@gmail.com

More details to follow soon.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour (end of school yeah!)

School has come to an end and so is Puntolingue Teachers’Club with the last reunion of this school year. Hope to see many of you before summer holiday starts to have fun with some more games and antics.

Puntolingue Teachers’Club Happy Hour, Saturday June 11th – 5pm

Salerno Train Station Platform 1.

enjoy your holidays!(1)

Happy Hour

Gary Fordham workshop at S.Caterina Amendola


On  April 29th at 4.30 pm, Istituto Tecnico Santa Caterina – Amendola in Salerno will host the great British actor Gary Fordham and his brilliant workshop on Elizabethan Theatre and British Culture.

Gary Fordham has to his credit a vast experience in the fields of theater, films and television. He was a founding member of the Shakespeare Rooftop Theatre Company and has been British Cultural Representative for Disney World, explaining to the New World intriguing and often ignored aspects of English culture. The British actor is now the Director of the cultural program of the British International School that offers European students his lectures during which young people have the opportunity to meet William Shakespeare as he was seen by his contemporaries, a great entertainer able to drag the audience in stories of passion, intrigue, love and power.

The event has been promoted by prof.ssa Patrizia De Bartolomeis and by Dirigente Dott.ssa Annarita Carrafiello in collaboration with prof. Raffaele Nasti from Puntolingue.

At the end of the workshop, a group of teachers, who recently participated in a training stay in Finland with ACLE, will give a brief account of their experience. They will show pictures and videos from the schools they visited and discuss with colleagues the modernity of the Finnish school system and the importance of looking at other countries’ education system to take inspiration for improvements. 

April 29th at 4.30 pm, IT Santa Caterina – Amendola, Via Lazzarelli, 12 – 84132 Salerno

Santa Caterina – Amendola

Happy Hour

Happy Easter !


The staff of Puntolingue Teachers’ Club wishes you a Happy Easter and invites you to enjoy the first days of Spring. The PTC will officially welcome you back after a well-earned holiday on April 9th for a very special event.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our calendar of the events for the next weeks.

We would be grateful if you’d attach a copy on your school’s noticeboard. Thankyou!

Check out the calendar and See you soon!

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