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Classroom Must-Haves From Ikea

Room environment is so important. Ikea is a great resource for teachers because their prices are often affordable. Check out these Pinterest pictures to get more ideas about Classroom setup, Kids rooms and Kindergarten centre management.


DIY Animal zipper containers


Plastic bottle
Felt (Assorted Colors)
Googly Eyes
Spray paint
Masking tape
Craft Knife
Craft glue
Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Zippers 12 Inch ~ Assortment of Colors

Step 1: Remove labels from the bottle and clean thoroughly to remove any sticky residue.
Step 2: Use a craft knife to cut around the equator of the bottle.
Step 3: Use masking tape to tape around the outside edge of the bottle and spray paint the inside. Let dry.
Step 4: Hot glue the zipper, starting from the end with the zipper pull, around the lip of the bottle. Open the zipper and hot glue to the lip of the second bottle.
Step 5: Design with felt and googly eyes to create animals.





Valentine’s Day is coming and first Arts&Crafts event too!

Stephanie Miles will make hand-crafted Valentine’s Day cards that you can teach the process to their students. You will explore several decorative designs using templates, stamps (hand-made from corks), paint, etc.

Materials needed:

  • Heavy art paper suitable for making cards is ideal (Bristol or Watercolor paper works, about a 90-pound weight)
  • Plain copy paper (can use paper to be recycled if printed on other side, this is for cutting template shapes and practice idea sketches on blank side)
  • Water color paint Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • Exacto-knives (ideally one for each participant)
  • Protective cutting surfaces for tables (at home I’m using an inexpensive placemat from IKEA)
  • Push pins (thumb tacks, one per participant is enough)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Pencils, Pens or fine point Sharpie markers
  • Wine/Prosecco corks (ask the teachers to save and bring these to the meeting, synthetic & real corks both work fine)

Optional decorations: Glue, glue stick Glitter Metallic paint Dried flowers Colored construction paper, various colors

Are you ready? See you at Puntolingue on Saturday 6th at 5pm.