The Greatest Gift Sainsbury’s 2016

This year, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert tells the heart-warming story of Dave. He’s a hard-working and devoted Dad, who comes up with an ingenious plan to make sure he can spend more time with his family at Christmas. Beautifully animated for the screen, Dave’s story is told via an original, joyful and humorous song ‘The Greatest Gift For Christmas Is Me’, voiced by British actor James Corden. This short film aims to highlight the importance of sharing simple time together with family, friends and loved ones this Christmas.

The film opens with Dave in the animated town of Bisby, where he is slightly overwhelmed by the busy Christmas season. One night when he returns home late, he finds his children fast asleep in bed, only to spot a gingerbread man decorated to look just like him. He has a brainwave – and goes to the toy factory he works at to create a series of replica versions of himself in all shapes and sizes – tapping monkeys, nodding dogs, toy planes and dancing robots. By sending them to all the places he should be, he manages to make it home in time to be with his family and join in their much-loved Christmas celebrations.

Discussion points

  • What could be the greatest gift anyone could get at Christmas? It would be interesting to ask before and after watching the film.
  • Discuss why having your loved ones around you is worth more than any material gift.
  • Why is having the people you love around you more important at Christmas time?
  • Who may miss Christmas with their families and why?

Writing ideas

  • Create a list of rhyming words: Work/berserk, Chaotic/idiotic, Family/me.
  • Create their own verse for the song about the greatest gift or a day of ‘boring’ shopping or endless nativity rehearsals.
  • Write a diary entry for Dad showing how difficult his day was.
  • Write a Christmas wish letter to Santa. This could be for themselves or for someone less fortunate than themselves such as a homeless person etc.
  • Create a letter for Mum/Dad/Guardian/Loved one/Friend telling them how much they appreciate all they do for them throughout the year.
  • After discussing who could be missing from families such as Firemen, nurses, ambulance drivers etc. create Christmas cards for these people and send them to local fire stations and hospitals with appreciative messages inside.

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