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Lily & the Snowman

It’s not always easy to hang on to the Christmas spirit in between last-minute shopping and hosting holiday parties but this short film is here to bring you back down to Earth. Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a fairy show for a little girl. As she grows up, her adult life takes over all the more. Watch this cute story to see what happens next, it will simply melt my heart.

Teaching ideas

  • Create instructions – How to build a snow man.
  • Making shadow puppets can develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • Children can describe the setting.
  • Discuss how the snow man feels each time Lily opens the door.
  • Write a narrative from the point of The Snowman for each scene.
  • Create a flash back for Lily at the point she sees the desk lamp shining the snowman onto the wall.
  • Predict what will happen when she sees this in her office.
  • Write the dialogue between Lily and her daughter as she tells her about the snowman.
  • Write a letter from Lily to her pen friend telling them all about the Snowman.
  • Create a description of somewhere in winter and the same place in summer.

Of course thid is not an exhaustive list, please add some more ideas in the comments below.


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