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A Complete Ranking of Insults to Mr. Grinch


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday stable in my family, in all of its glorious forms. I adore Dr. Seuss, so the the book is an absolute must, while the classic cartoon version brings the spirit of that book to life with child-like whimsy. And though I’m not generally a Jim Carey fan, the way the more modern adaptation brings the Whos to life is fun, and if I find a channel running it in December, it’s impossible to flip away.

And, of course, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch is a prominent feature on my holiday playlist, in numerous varied renditions, it’s a classic. Dr. Seuss may not have written the song himself (that would be Albert Hague) but it definitely captures the Seuss’s signature wacky twist to language that I adore. Of course, this song is the Grinchiest of all Christmas songs. It is full of insults. It’s awful. With this kind of language flying around, it is no wonder this Grinch was so vey Grinch-y. But they are …. awfully creative.

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European Christmas Cakes

Wherever you are in Europe, there’s a traditional yuletide dessert to enjoy. But this year, you might want to make something a bit more original! So why not take a closer look at the following list of European Christmas cakes? You could end up whipping up a delicious bûche de Noël, opt for a spectacular Norwegian Kransekake, taste the unique Lithuanian Šakotis or enjoy the yummy Croatian Fritule. No matter what you eventually decide on, the most important thing is to enjoy a splendid dinner with your loved ones. So let me take this opportunity, to wish you, one and all, a very merry Christmas!


The Greatest Gift Sainsbury’s 2016

This year, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert tells the heart-warming story of Dave. He’s a hard-working and devoted Dad, who comes up with an ingenious plan to make sure he can spend more time with his family at Christmas. Beautifully animated for the screen, Dave’s story is told via an original, joyful and humorous song ‘The Greatest Gift For Christmas Is Me’, voiced by British actor James Corden. This short film aims to highlight the importance of sharing simple time together with family, friends and loved ones this Christmas.

The film opens with Dave in the animated town of Bisby, where he is slightly overwhelmed by the busy Christmas season. One night when he returns home late, he finds his children fast asleep in bed, only to spot a gingerbread man decorated to look just like him. He has a brainwave – and goes to the toy factory he works at to create a series of replica versions of himself in all shapes and sizes – tapping monkeys, nodding dogs, toy planes and dancing robots. By sending them to all the places he should be, he manages to make it home in time to be with his family and join in their much-loved Christmas celebrations.

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Lily & the Snowman

It’s not always easy to hang on to the Christmas spirit in between last-minute shopping and hosting holiday parties but this short film is here to bring you back down to Earth. Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a fairy show for a little girl. As she grows up, her adult life takes over all the more. Watch this cute story to see what happens next, it will simply melt my heart.

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