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1458507452_42-Kevin-Jarrett-Flickr-600x335In common language, neologisms and foreign terms are overtaking frequency in the use of Italian vocabulary. If some words such as marketing, sports, rock, browser, smog can not find a corresponding effective in our language, there are other terms such as workshops, abstract, fashion, light of which we could do very well without using their Italian counterparts ‘seminario’, ‘riassunto’, ‘moda’, ‘leggero’. Our readers themselves point out that we often prefer to be called ‘amanti dei libri’ rather than booklovers.

On the occasion of the initiative Say it in Italian!, the petition launched to reclaim the use of the Italian language by the institutions, we offer a series of foreign terms that we could well do without, since they are doppioni of Italian vocabulary. This is not a crusade against foreign languages, or against the use of the many English terms that have no corresponding Italian effective and accepted, but simply a gesture of pride towards our beloved Italian language.

In the list below you you find a selection of 50 words chosen from the most common among the hundreds of terms that are gradually penetrating into the common language from the world of work in finance and technology to sports and drink.

you find a complete list here

ABSTRACT                           =  RIASSUNTO

APPEAL                                 =  ATTRAZIONE

AUDIENCE                           =  PUBBLICO

BACKSTAGE                        =  DIETRO LE QUINTE

BIG                                         =  GRANDE

BOSS                                      =  CAPO

BRAND                                  =  MARCA

BREAK                                  =  PAUSA

BUSINESS                             =  AFFARI

BUYER                                  =  COMPRATORE

CASH                                     =  CONTANTI

COACH                                 =  ALLENATORE

CONCEPT                             =  IDEA

COMMUNITY                      =  COMUNITA’

COPYRIGHT                        =  DIRITTO D’AUTORE

DEVICE                                =  DISPOSITIVO

DISPLAY                               =  SCHERMO

DRESS CODE                       =  REGOLE D’ABBIGLIAMENTO

FASHION                              =  MODA

FLOP                                     =  FIASCO

FITNESS                               =  ALLENAMENTO

FOOD                                    =  CIBO

GOSSIP                                 =  PETTEGOLEZZO

HOTEL                                 =  ALBERGO

JOBS ACT                            =  LEGGE SUL LAVORO

LIGHT                                  =  LEGGERO

LOOK                                   =  ASPETTO

MAIL                                    =  POSTA

MAKE UP                            =  TRUCCO

MASTER                              =  SPECIALIZZAZIONE

MATCH                                =  PARTITA

MEETING                            =  RIUNIONE

MISSION                             =  MISSIONE

NEWS                                  =  NOTIZIE

OPEN                                   =  APERTO

PARTNER                            =  COMPAGNO

PARTY                                 =  FESTA

PREMIER                            =  PRIMO MINISTRO

RELAX                                =  RIPOSO

TREND                                =  TENDENZA

SHOW                                  =  SPETTACOLO

SELFIE                                =  AUTOSCATTO

SEXY                                   =  SEDUCENTE

SNACK                               =  MERENDA

STAFF                                 =  PERSONALE

TEENAGER                       =  ADOLESCENTE

TEAM                                 =  SQUADRA

TICKET                              =  BIGLIETTO

WEEKEND                        =  FINE SETTIMANA

WEB                                   =  RETE

WORKSHOP                      =  SEMINARIO

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