Improve your English

English language can be tricky, just ask Ricky!

When learning the ins and outs of the English language, anyone who’s lived their whole life speaking a different language is going to need a metaphorical machete to tread their way through the spoken across a huge portion of the world.

It seems that there are more exceptions to rules than there are actual, steadfast rules. Every turn you take, you stumble across a word with a silent ‘T,’ or with what seems like a handful of totally unnecessary consonants. It can be really frustrating to say the least.

We learn our ridiculous language when we’re just babies, and then any language after that is viewed as a real accomplishment.

Desi Arnaz, who played Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucyis a Cuban-American actor. He was one of these people that learned the English language later in his life. In this hilarious clip from the show, Lucille Ball asks Ricky to practice reading a children’s book to their baby-to-be. He starts off strong… but after a few seconds, Lucy reaches over to stop him in his tracks. As the scene moves forward, Ricky gets more and more frustrated with how obscenely absurd these so-called “rules” are. The best part is that he’s not afraid to point out the silliness of his second language, despite the fact that Lucy’s giving him a hard time! Enjoy this hilarious video!

(adapted from an article by Grace Eire)

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