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Online courses are designed for those who get to know eTwinning for the first time and wish to receive support to learn to use the tools of the platform, before searching for project partners and participating in the European community.

The contents of the courses are created to give advice and suggestions to guide the use of the platform, particularly the methods of interaction with other members, how to build and develop a good idea for a project, focusing on a practical approach and linked to good use of the tools available on the platform.

The training is organized and conducted by the staff of eTwinning Italy and is carried out periodically through a web video conferencing software. Participation is open to anyone who signs up to the programmed sessions. Below is the schedule with the next scheduled appointments, the basic materials and video recording of one of the meetings.


  • 3rd – 20th May 2016 – online eTwinning Course

Moderator: Massimiliano D’Innocenzo (eTwinning NSS)
Total time: about 20 hours (+ webinar asynchronous work)
Requirements for participation: teachers enrolled in eTwinning
– Startup webinar Tuesday, May 3rd at 17.00 (duration 1h30)
– Work on platform
– Webinar mid path Thursday, May 12th at 17.00 (duration 1h30)
– Work on platform
– Final Webinar Friday, May 20th at 17.00 (duration 1h30)

Link to the registration form:

The journey will end with the issuance of certificates to the participants.

They must:
– have participated in at least two synchronous sessions (three total) for a suitable time;
– have made their submission in accordance with the instructions contained in the Group      dedicated to the course;
– have posted a new intervention in one of the forums within the Group;
– have carried out the activities of eTwinning Live, ended with the quiz (individual work);

Individual works will be loaded into a special folder of the Group presentation of the project idea (work to be done in groups).

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