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Safer Internet Day 2016

SID 2016 logo with EC Insafe INHOPE

The Italian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) promotes a safer and better use of the internet among children, parents and teachers. It organises awareness and dissemination activities and a media campaign in cooperation with the main stakeholders working in the field; it also provides two hotlines and one helpline and chat service, available to adults, young people and children, who want to talk about online issues.

Coordinated by the Italian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), Generazioni Connesse, with the theme ‘Play your part for a better internet!‘, the celebration of Safer Internet Day 2016 in Italy involves organisations, public institutions, ICT industries and schools to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

The main event organised by the Italian SIC  will take place on 9 February in Rome at the theatre ‘Palladium’. The theatre performance will involve children and young people, teachers, and the most relevant Italian stakeholders  and ICT industries (Samsung, Facebook, Google, etc.). The event will also be available on streaming for all schools interested in participating.

On the occasion of this event, the Italian Safer Internet Centre has produced a video that will be broadcast on the main Italian TV channel and will also be promoted on the media channels and social networking profiles of the Advisory Board’s members.

The video will also be made available on the homepage of the SIC web site at www.generazioniconnesse.it.


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