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From belfie to twitterhoea: new words from Social Media

A source of new words these days is of course social media. Macmillan’s Open Dictionary has been integrated with contributionf from the world of Facebook and Twitter.


#twinterview (twitter + interview), an interview which is conducted on the microblogging website Twitter.
Twinterviewing, in broad terms, is any use of Twitter to initiate, facilitate or conduct an interview. And since the principles of responsible journalism are readily transferable to all things digital and social, social media platforms like Twitter open up a boulevard of opportunities to observe and connect with people, brands, and organizations. For writers of all stripes — journalists, bloggers, novelists, documentarians — this means a digital route to interviewing.

#twittathon (tweet + marathon), an extended event or campaign organised on the microblogging site Twitter. A blend of the words ‘Tweet’ and ‘marathon’. Not to be confused with the twinterview, the tweetathon is a more collaborative affaire where twitters work together during an extended event or campaign to promote a cause under a hashtag (#) decided in advance.

#sharebait a post on social media that has features whose main purpose is to encourage other users to share the post and get your brand, product, or website more visibility. If headlines like “What Disney character are you?” or “What’s your Bond villain name?” grab your attention, then you’re falling victim of a sharebait.

#felfie a selfie (=a photo that you take of yourself, usually with a camera phone) of a family (selfie + family)

#e-pal someone who you make friends with via email or social media, often someone you have never met. The beauty of social media is that it can bring you into contact with all manner of people without ever having to meet face to face.

#subtweet a tweet, usually a negative one, that mentions a person without using the @ sign, so that they will not see the message on their Twitter feed. Also a tweet that mentions someone without naming them at all although it is clear who is being referred to. In Twitter etiquette, the practice of mentioning someone’s name without an @ symbol is considered by many as rude. So be careful with subtweets!

#twitterhoea an aberration of the social medium, Twitter, as a result of the 140 character limit which causes the less adept to resort to multiple tweets to make a point. When read by other members of the twitterati, this condition can be extremely infectious. The golden rule of Twitter is being concise. But there are times when 140 characters won’t do the job. This sometimes leads to the complaint of twitterhoea (twitter + diarrhoea).

#belfie (informal) a selfie (=a photograph of you taken by yourself, usually for use in social media) of your bottom.

#twintern a person who is employed on a twinternship (=an internship where the task is to promote the employer through social media services such as Twitter).

#twitter-cation (twitter + vacation) a break, a vacation from using the microblogging service Twitter.


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