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10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers


Many of you asked for some recommendations regarding useful sites for EFL teachers and we’re happy to make a little compilation of the places you can visit to find ideas, inspirations, betimes lesson plans if you feel exceptionally lazy and share them with your colleagues.

So, here we go – our ten favourite websites:

1. onestopenglish.com: lesson plans, ideas, inspirations and useful tools – you can spend a whole day browsing this site even without registering;

2. teachingenglish.org.uk: British Council and loads of CPD resources – you can spend days browsing the site (they also have awesome research papers and publications here);

3. Teaching English/ British Council on YouTube is a variety of channels and playlists you can use either in the classroom or for your own CPD;

4. Teaching English/ British Council on Facebook is something I’ve been subscribing for a while and must admit is the continuous source of inspiration (you don’t even have to look for anything all the good stuff is on the wall, yay!);

5. Breaking News English: it’s not the best designed site ever, and the lesson plans have the same structure, but it is a never ending source of real English, interesting news and ideas for discussions;

6. Teach-nology: a great site with various games, printable materials – word search maker (a perfect tool for vocabulary revision + warm-up);

7. Puzzle-Maker: you can make your own word search, crossword etc. – perfect for a personalised vocabulary revision, test or as a great warm-up;

8. ESL Partyland: a really nicely organised site with all the help a teacher might need for different classes plus – trivia, useful expressions etc.;

9. Webquests: a repository of various webquests on different topics and levels which you can use either in the classroom or as a homework (or as a way of introducing your students to BlendedLearning model)

10.Online Newspapers: a site full of newspapers (some of them in English) which may be a perfect tool for many projects in the classroom as well as self-study materials;

Hope you’ll like the choice and give these sites a go. Our life as teachers is spiced up with different inspirations and ideas to feel motivated to change, experiment, develop, make our classes as interesting as we can.

Enjoy the recommendations shared and if you know some interesting sites, please, share them with us as well.

Adapted from That is Evil!


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