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CLIL Teacher Trainers Workshop


After the exciting experience of the CLIL seminar, Puntolingue presents a practical workshop for CLIL Teacher Trainers aimed at designing a teaching unit. We will briefly retrace the steps of the design divided into operating groups.

The course will take place on Sunday November 22nd from 9 to 1 pm, at Puntolingue school Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Binario1 Stazione FS, Salerno.

The course is intended only to participants of the previous seminar.

Course fee is €25.

If you wish to register for the CLIL Teacher Trainers Workshop call 0898423493.

At the end all course participants will receive a certificate of participation.


4 thoughts on “CLIL Teacher Trainers Workshop”

  1. I didn t take part to the previous seminar, but my question is: is this course only for high school teachers or for middle school ones, too?


  2. I attended the previous seminar and would like to take part in the workshop together with my colleague Annalisa Aiello


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