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Teachers’ Club Events 2015

There is a great deal of activity that takes place behind the scenes, and we are ready for another great year at Puntolingue Teachers’Club. We hope that all of you have enjoyed the introductory event with the presentation of future activities. After summer breat we are all refreshed and well rested, and are ready to become involved in workshops and other activities!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our calendar of the events for the next weeks. The PTC program will officially welcome all of the participants with our first a Cup of Teach on Saturday, October 10th.

Please be sure to look at this month’s calendar for all of the activities.
We are looking forward to a productive, successful, and fun year.

See you on Saturday 10th!

A speacial gift for you all: PTC Printable Calendar from September 2015 to August 2016.




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