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How to follow our Blog

As many of you have written asking to sign up to receive updates each time we publish new content, we have sent out invitations and we’d like to share our blog with you.

This blog is public, anyone can follow it, but if you’d like to publish posts or write comments, leave replies or simply like our posts, you may want to become followers. In this case you will just need to click the “Accept Invitation” button in the invitation email.


If you want to sign up to receive our posts via email, you can write your email address in the Follow this Blog box on left sidebar:


If you are already logged into a account, you will be taken directly to our blog. If not, you will be taken to Subscription Management page where you can manage all blogs you follow and adjust your email delivery frequency.


If you fail to sign up but wish to be part of our community, send us an email at asking to sign up. You’ll get your invitation.

It’s oh so simple! 😉


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